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Groove Child is right for you if...


You place huge value on a child’s creative and mental development through dance.


You want to refresh your teaching approach by introducing more fun and creativity.


You're looking for new ways to reward and acknowledge students.


You run 'boys only' classes and need additional engaging music and ideas.


You want to add new classes to your timetable, something fresh and relevant.


You want to do more to help the wellbeing of your students.

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Who's behind Groove Child?

We are Natalie Pearl and Amy Reynolds - UK based dance teacher / choreographers (and sisters!) successfully working and thriving in the dance teaching community since 1998.

Having initially taken different dance paths - one, a Laine Theatre Arts trained dancer, ISTD & RAD registered teacher and mentor, the other a BA (Hons) Theatre student, Primary dance workshop facilitator, and commercial dance choreographer - we are proud to have merged together our skills and experience to create something very dear to both our hearts.

We believe fundamentally that children grow and develop best when they feel emotionally safe and confident to be themselves. We wanted to create something that assisted us, and other teachers like us, in making sure every child felt this way in every dance class they take.

We wanted to create a new type of syllabus that put self-expression, individuality and creativity at the forefront and worked in harmony alongside technical training.A syllabus that supported the teacher to actively nurture the mental skills of their dancers alongside their evolving talent. A syllabus that helps children find their own groove in life as well as in the studio. A syllabus that allowed time in a dance school’s timetable for students to practice 'playing and creating' in a structured way, and explore who they are through their passion for dance, away from the pressure of exams, competitions, and rehearsals.

And so, Groove Child was born.

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