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What is Groove Child?

Groove Child® is an additional dance syllabus for established dance teachers that's neutral in style, and led by theme and emotion. At it’s core the syllabus is a combination of set dances and directed improvisation exercises, covering five age splits between 3 to 15 years, designed to enhance the musicality, self-expression and confidence of every student from the inside out.

Complete with an engaging and refreshing soundtrack, this creative yet progressive syllabus focuses on the importance of 'emotion and feeling' in performance; highlighting that this too is part of a dancer’s TALENT which can GROW from weekly practice. The Groove Child syllabus gives teachers opportunity to offer this as a weekly class on their timetable or integrate the exercises into their existing classes. Either way, Groove Child helps develop children's authentic self-expression and relationship to music in a structured format, in a way that allows you to celebrate their individuality - and be proud of it!

How does Groove Child work?

The syllabus gives dance teachers a SEVEN point focus for every Groove Child class they deliver…

Confidence Builders
Feelings & Emotions
Improvisation & Self-Expression
Musicality & Rhythm
Stylised / Themed Movement

Whether using the exercises to help increase the stage presence and performance level of technically strong dancers, or to fuel the imagination and self-belief of your recreational class members, Groove Child is so much more than a syllabus. It allows you opportunity to create additional weekly classes at your dance studio that acts as an outlet for your students’ imagination and creativity to thrive alongside their technique training, nurturing a confidence in them that goes beyond the dance studio…

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Julie Laming
Street Dance & ISTD Teacher / Dance School Owner

"It's unique and original, but not for the sake of trying to be different. It's serving such an important purpose for any teacher who wants to get the most out of their students."

Chloe Burnley
Freelance Dance Teacher

"It's so important that we as teachers keep our own imaginations alive, and this syllabus helps us do that - as well as the children!"

Why include Groove Child on your timetable?

Groove Child began initially as a passion project by two successful dance teachers, who were conscious of the growing struggles students were facing outside of dance - in terms of school, social pressures, and mental wellbeing. Realising their students needed not just a physical release but an emotional one too, became another driving force behind the creation of the syllabus. What does this mean to you? In offering Groove Child classes at your school you can feel confident you are also offering a creative outlet for children's personal or social stress in a way that can positively contribute to their mental and emotional development on many levels.

Although ALL dance is looked on as a vehicle for self-expression, Groove Child classes work in a particular way to offer young dancers a true outlet to explore and express - allowing them chance to release any pent up feelings they may have; teaching them healthy habits and elements of self-care along the way, whilst also making them more likely to succeed as authentic and beautiful performers.

Discover the 9 benefits Groove Child can bring to your school

Enjoyment & Confidence

The exercises immediately unite children on an imaginative and non-competitive level, dispelling nerves and raising confidence.

Celebrates Individuality

Builds self-belief, by allowing your students to volunteer with confidence and let their imagination take the lead.

Refreshing Approach

Empowers you as a teacher to lead a fun, creative and structured session, by drawing inspiration directly from the children's imaginations.

Tool Kit Of Inspiration

Includes a resource of creative exercises that are adaptable to both the classroom and the dance space! Promoting adaptability, working with others, self expression, and social skills.

Positive Sense of Self

Through exploring ideas creatively, children quickly understand their unique suggestions are what counts, helping them feel comfortable raising their hand.

Musicality And Rhythm

Much of the work assists you in building children's appreciation of music and rhythm, as you teach them how to 'feel' and embody music.

Nurtures A Healthy Mindset

Learning is in the process, experimenting with ideas, and offering children a place where it's safe to fail or have an answer that's different to your friend's!


Helps you get to know your students personalities and strengths on a different level, and even use this to your advantage when crafting a 'performance' or in their future learning.

More Happy Students

A valuable tool for welcoming new or shy students AND for dance teachers, an opportunity to add new classes to your weekly timetable.


We are Natalie Pearl and Amy Reynolds - UK based dance teacher/ choreographers (and sisters!) and between us we’ve been working in the dance teaching community for over 25 years.

Having initially taken different dance paths - one, a Laine Theatre Arts trained dancer, ISTD & RAD registered teacher and mentor, the other a BA (Hons) Theatre student and commercial dance choreographer - we are thrilled to have finally come together over the past 2 years to create something very dear to our hearts. 

We believe that children grow and develop best when they feel emotionally safe and confident to be themselves. We wanted to find a way to harness this within the dance studio, to marry technique and creativity so that one fuelled the other. To create an additional weekly class, aside from exam practice and performance rehearsals, dedicated to encouarging the individual personalities of our students to surface, whilst growing their performance potential.

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