What happens at a Groove Child course day?

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The course day takes teachers through the syllabus and focuses on the progressions, concepts and learning outcomes for each exercise, ensuring teachers know the thought and aim behind everything. The progressions cover musicality, rhythm, emotion, performance, and improvisation and guides are provided within the handbook..

At the course you will receive:

Login to the members website with set work videos

Registration and set up of your annual licence for the syllabus

Licensee certificate (recognised as 7 hours CPD)

Teachers syllabus manual and music CD

Marketing materials for your classes

After the course you will be fully prepared to set up these classes!
And we’ll be on call to help if needed.


Julie Laming
Street Dance & ISTD Teacher / Dance School Owner

"I'm so excited to start. I just love that this work allows me to grow and reward my students in a different way. To be who they are and to celebrate their individuality whilst growing their dance skills."

Katie Cunningham
MA Choreography and Professional Practices / IDTA Teacher

"It's so important that we as teachers keep our own imaginations alive, and this syllabus helps us do that - as well as the children!"

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There is a one off fee of £250 to book your course day and receive the Junior syllabus music/handbook and materials (for age 3-9yrs). Your first annual licence payment of £95 is not due until the course itself, once you've successfully completed the day and have your licensee certificate in hand! Thereafter, your £95 licence renewal is due on the anniversary of your course date, each year you continue to utilise the syllabus as a freelancer or at your dance school

NOTE: Those who have already purchased PURPLE ONLINE prior to booking the full in-person course will pay a reduced COURSE DAY fee of £175

& syllabus




per annum

ideal Age splits for Groove Child classes



3-5 yrs

30 - 45 minute class



5-7 yrs

30 - 45 minute class



7-9 yrs

45 minute class

Please note: Groove Child is NOT a franchise. It is a licenced syllabus with an annual renewal that allows you to keep using the syllabus and receive 'Groove Graduation' certificates for your students as they progress. You can set up as many classes as you desire, whether at your Dance Studio, Nursery or Pre-schools, or inPrimary afterschool clubs. Groove Child is also very inclusive and adaptable for children with additional needs.

Learn Level one - online today!

In the light of COVID '19 we have now created LEVEL ONE / PURPLE of the junior syllabus ONLINE!
As a dance teacher, you can purchase this at any time for just £80 if you'd like to explore Groove Child exercises with your younger students before committing to a course and becoming a licensee of the full junior syllabus.

Purchasing Purple online gives you access to the music, manual, teaching points and syllabus videos for this level, with NO ANNUAL LICENCE to pay - ever!

No commitment. Just buy and go.

One-off purchase
No annual licence fee

* Level One (PURPLE) age 3-5yrs

* Specially designed dance exercises to nurture imagination, musicality,
self-confidence and celebrate individuality

* Also adaptable for Primary dance classes - Pre-School / EYFS / Key Stage 1

* Includes syllabus music, videos and teaching manual

* No commitment to purchase further levels

Set up Purple level Groove Child classes at your studio or wherever you choose!
Or simply incorporate these creative exercises into your current classes.

So, if you're looking for additional inspiration for your younger classes (online, and beyond) get started today in the comfort of your own home, by clicking this link below:


Intermediate Syllabus

Age 10-15yrs

The Intermediate Syllabus is available to all Junior Syllabus licensees as an additional course day, should you wish to offer this expressive work to your older students. This is a completely optional decision for every licensee depending on what you want to achieve through incorporating Groove Child methods into your teaching toolkit. Contact us for more details about this, should it be of further interest to you.

WHERE can I book a course and
become a licensee?

To purchase the syllabus and become a Groove Child licensee you simply need to contact us for a booking form and return together with course payment to secure your place at any of the below dates.

Book A Course

Upcoming Course Dates

Coventry, Midlands UK

October 2020
10am - 5pm

To be confirmed

JUNIOR Syllabus 3-9yrs

Essex, Kent UK

January 2021
10am - 5pm


JUNIOR Syllabus 3-9yrs

Poole, Dorset UK

March 2021
10am - 5pm

To Be Confirmed

JUNIOR Syllabus 3-9yrs

Contact us now for your booking form and full details of the course venues
If you still have questions check our FAQs blog post here Or email us if you can’t find a A to your Q

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