Frequently Asked Questions

Can you tell me more about the syllabus content?

The syllabus is a balanced mix of set work and directed improvisation / choreography exercises, all with the aim of bringing out a more authentic sense of performance in your dancers, and helping them develop their relationship to music and their own use of self-expression.

The main areas of focus in the Level One and Two are: Rhythm & Musicality, Emotion & Feeling, Confidence & Presence, Imagination & Creativity, Improvisation, Visualisation, and Performance.
The set work is heavily themed so that the movement is stylised rather than genre specific, and is quite drama based to help encourage character and feeling, with themed work that ranges from the Jungle and Fireworks, to Superheroes, Rockstars, Scarecrows, and Emotions.

* Level One / Purple Age 3-5yrs: 12 exercises, 9 music tracks (3 exercises don't require music), 20 video examples and teaching points,
* Level Two / Yellow & Orange Age 5-9yrs: 27 exercises, 37 music tracks, 50 video examples and teaching points

Every class also starts with a short guided visualisation to help children focus, warm ups for their imaginations as well as their bodies, exercises to begin planting seeds of creating their own choreography, enjoyable rhythm exercises, and much more.

The syllabus has a strong emphasis on it’s philosophy of nurturing confidence and self-belief to get the best from any child, and part of the course / materials you’re given offers insight into how we as dance teachers can encourage growth mindset and talent development in our students from an early age.

How is the Groove Child Dance Syllabus different to other syllabi?

- It’s core focus through the exercises is Expression and Self-Confidence.
- It’s an additional CREATIVE DANCE syllabus, rather than a technical syllabus.
- It’s neutral in style and genre.
- It works to complement and even enhance technique.
- It promotes and allows for the creativity and personal self-expression of the teacher, in how it’s delivered from week to week.
- It provides dance teachers with a balanced mix of structure and freedom, enough to give you full control as a teacher but to also allow moments of creativity and the individual ideas of the children to shine through.
- It actively helps a teacher increase a healthy mindset amongst students.
- It’s suitable for all ages and abilities, as the exercises adapt to the ability of the dancer.

What dance style/genre is Groove Child?

All set work in the syllabus has been choreographed in a neutral but expressive style, therefore whether you are a ballet, modern, latin & ballroom, contemporary, or street dance teacher your students’ overall performance can benefit from these additional creative dance classes. The syllabus also includes a section of exercises that allows interpretation, meaning the children might apply a specific style of dance to these, if they feel compelled to e.g. if they interpreted some music in a way that felt light and soft they may unconsciously choose a more balletic style to improvise with for that part of the exercise.

What are the age splits for the different levels?

The junior syllabus is split into Level One and Level Two and the intermediate syllabus is Level Three:

- Level One / Purple 3-5yrs
- Level Two / Yellow & Orange 5-9yrs
- Level Three / Blue & Green 10-15yrs

What qualifications do I need?

This is an ‘add-on’ Syllabus for established dance or performing arts teachers who have teaching qualifications with any recognised dance governing body, or a Degree in Dance / Performing Arts. Experience in teaching is important. Groove Child is not a teaching qualification on it’s own. You will ideally have been teaching children’s classes for a while, and have all relevant insurance, DBS checks, child protection, and basic first aid training.

Are their student Exams?

Licensees record student progress throughout the year using ‘Groove Growth’ cards and hold ‘Groove Graduation‘ ceremonies to signify children moving up a level, providing them with certificates and badges for each colour level achieved. You can view these here!

Each child’s ‘Groove Growth’ is recorded by you, their teacher, and there are 15 areas of growth to mark and keep track of, all of which have a focus on praising the process and celebrating their individuality.

Ultimately the benefits of their growth in a Groove Child class can witnessed across all their other dancing, and even outside of dance, as it aims to enhance their personal confidence and creativity, not just within dance, and the growth cards reflect this.

How do these classes fit into my current timetable?

The answer is - any way that works for you! We recommend 30 mins for Purple, 30-45mins for Yellow, 45mins for Orange. It’s a great beginners class to welcome new children in to dance for the first time, but equally a great way to encourage creativity and expression for your longer standing students who need a boost in confidence and performance.

For this reason we would recommend you plan these sessions to not conflict with classes these age groups already attend with you (so that they can take part in both). If however you don’t have room for new classes but still want to incorporate the tools and benefits of Groove Child in your classes you can do so but simply merging this work within your other classes for the corresponding age groups, using the Groove Child exercises to help enhance their performance in class. (Many teachers begin this way, as an opportunity to get confident with the exercises in an already established class before setting up the individual Groove a Child classes).

Is the Groove Child junior syllabus suitable for online classes and adaptable for social distancing in the studio?

Yes. And in the training we demonstrate, explain and suggest ways to do this easily.

What type of teacher is Groove Child ideal for?

Ideal Groove Child licensees are established teachers who expect high standards in technique but who also understand and take seriously the positive (or negative) impact we as important role models can have on our students emotionally and personally.

Ideal teachers of Groove Child will already have the confidence and experience to lead a high quality children’s dance class with the right balance of structure, discipline and enjoyment.

It’s designed for teachers who want a structured way to celebrate and reward individuality in their pupils, and for those who want to run separate classes dedicated to the exploration of musicality, choreography, and the expressive nature of dance as a way to enhance the overall development and performance of their dancers.
Groove Child is about helping each young person ‘find their own groove’ in dance but also in life, and so it’s ideal for dance teachers who want to find more time (and inspiration) to be creative with their students - fuelling their own creativity as teachers, well as that of their students.

Warning! Many moments of enjoyment, hilarity and genius comes from these sessions! Like the time one young dancer actually misunderstood the instructions and created a dance sequence inspired by the words Nervous Elvis and Starfish! It was funny and brilliant. She wasn’t the strongest technical dancer, but this moment of creative fun gave her a huge boost in confidence and she continued to throw herself whole-heartedly into all the exercises without fear of being wrong or looking silly. This kind of thing is a huge WIN for a child in a Groove Child class, the syllabus makes it easy for you to create this type of ‘playful dance environment’ alongside and separate to your technique classes.

Who is Groove Child not ideal for?

This syllabus is not a good fit for teachers who favour a more authoritarian teaching style with a sole focus on technique or set exercises.

Some exercises within the Groove Child syllabus are completely set and some involve child-led exploration and ‘on the spot’ creativity from the teacher, but in a structured manner. If this is not something a teacher feels comfortable with, Groove Child may not be a good fit for them at this time. All exercises, whether set or explorative, encourage expression, feeling, adaptability and individuality – developing on the child/dancer as a whole.

I’m a Dance School Owner/Principal and I’d like all my teachers to do the course or have access to the materials. Can you come to us to provide a private course day? Do you offer a studio license?

Yes, we can discuss and arrange a private in-person training day at your studio on request.

No we don’t offer a studio licence, only an individual teacher licence, so any teachers taking part in the training day would need to become members.

Although Principals may wish to cover the cost of the private training day for their teachers we request that each teacher is responsible for paying for their own annual ‘licence’ / membership fee thereafter.

Just as they would pay for their other association memberships we hope that teachers value themselves enough to invest in their own development / CPD when it comes to Groove Child. Ideally, teachers choose to do this training themselves and see it as an investment and addition to their personal teaching repertoire. It needs to be something they’re passionate about doing! So that this feeds into the way they teach it to the students.

The individual licences also help both parties avoid any complication in terms of communication, and it helps us to keep track of where official Groove Child licensees are based (when directing parent enquiries). It also means clarity of responsibility in terms of direct debits for the annual renewal fees and the signed licensee agreement that each teacher has when receiving Level 2 materials.

Do I have to dance all the exercises with the children?

Groove Child sessions can at times be quite active for you as a teacher, particularly when the children are first getting used to some of the exercises and routines, and you do need to be able to demo everything, and not be afraid to use your own expression (and occasionally channel your own inner child!) But as with all new things, once the children are familiar with the exercises the teacher can do less physically. It’s your choice!

Why include visualisations in the syllabus?

Mindfulness and visualisation can help us grow more focus and concentration, helping us become more aware of our senses and feelings, all of which is scientifically proven to help us (children and adults) achieve at higher levels in dance, sports, music, and across other diverse areas of life. Research has shown that visualisation plays an important role in talent development and therefore it is a great tool to teach children from a young age. We have incorporated short child friendly visualisations at the start of each session to help children gain focus and attention at the start of the session and throughout. We also encourage them to close their eyes often and listen to the music, picturing what they see, how it makes them feel, so that they start to connect more to the music as dancers and begin to understand musicality and feeling, and provide music for ‘Reflections’ to wind them down positively at the end of each class.

Is there a set price to charge students/parents for these classes?

No, we recommend you keep it in line with your other class prices. But as a guide, we recommend £5 per 30 minute session, or £6 per 45 minute session, paid in half-termly or termly blocks.

No ongoing annual licence fee for Level One? Is that forever?

Yes, there’s no annual licence for Level One / Purple. It’s free for life!

What does the annual renewal fee cover?

Level Two Licensees:
Annual re-registration and your new certificate
Printable Groove Graduation certificates and Groove Growth cards for your students
Ongoing support via email or phonecall
Promotion / listing on our Licensee website page
50% discounted ticket for the annual ‘Inspired Dance Teacher’ Convention with guest speakers and workshop facilitators from the industry. Click here for more info on this event.

Level Three Licensees:
All the above PLUS…
Personalised GC social media posts – helping to advertise Groove Child classes at your school / location
Free Groove Child Teachers T-shirt
FREE TICKET to our annual ‘Inspired Dance Teacher’ Convention with guest speakers and workshop facilitators from the industry. Click here for more info on this event.

What are Groove Child® Licensee ENHANCEMENT Workshops and how much are they?

These full day 10am-5pm optional workshop events happen once a year every February on the south coast of the UK. They are designed for up to date licensees to attend as optional extra CPD hours, with a certificate of completion at the end. These ENHANCEMENT workshop days include additional ways that Groove Child can be tailored for other specific classes or groups, as indicated below. The day will also give you an in depth look at all the exercises within your current licensee 'level' in a personalised one-to-one setting, led by the lead facilitators and creators of Groove Child.  

* Level Two Enhancement Workshop £250
INCLUDED on the day...
- Indepth look at the full Junior Syllabus, individual Q&As, all exercises workshopped
- Groove Child for Pre-School age
- Groove Child for your SEN / ALN students

* Level Three Enhancement Workshop £250

What is your refund policy?

We don’t offer refunds on the music, syllabus and membership materials purchased, you simply don’t renew (giving us one months notice prior to your renewal date) if you no longer wish to continue offering Groove Child classes/exercises to your students.

We are unable to give refunds for non-attendance of any pre-booked Licensee Enhancement course days, we simply agree a rescheduled date with you. We will also offer to assess each case independently, and take the appropriate action.

Is there a Groove Child uniform for the children?

Groove Child t-shirts are optional and are available to purchase through us by contacting and we recommend these are worn with black leggings and that children are bare foot, hair up (neat ponytail or bun). If you decide to offer Groove Graduations for your students they can receive certificates and specially designed sew up badges for each completed level which can be sewn on to their black leggings or wherever they choose - a bag or hat, for example.

When are the next available Licensee Enhancement workshop dates?

Check the MEMBERS AREA on our website or contact us for up to date information on our upcoming syllabus course dates

Is Groove Child® accredited with a certificate of completion ?

Level One on it’s own has carries no certificate or accreditation because it’s not a course as such, you are simply purchasing the music, handbook, and syllabus video access to learn at your leisure, along with our guidance videos. Level One gets you started with Groove Child on a ‘no commitment’ basis. You can set up and advertise Groove Child Level One classes at your venue or anywhere you choose, or you can simply integrate the exercises into your current sessions! You can use the Groove Child Level One logo to promote your classes..

If you decided to go on to learn more of the syllabus, Level Two or Level Three, these carry a syllabus licence and includes a certificate (updated annually upon renewal) and gives you an official Groove Child® Level Two or Level Three Licensee status. Our Licensee Enhancement days are in-person workshops and carry CPD hours (6 hours)

Can I use the Groove Child logo on my website or advertising?

Yes, when you purchase any level of the syllabus you receive access to download the logo and other social media images you can use on your website to express your affiliation / use of the syllabus. We also include short descriptions you can use to help parents and children get a feel for the new class opportunity you are offering.

What if I decide to no longer offer Groove Child classes?

You simply inform us and then don’t make the renewal payment at the end of the year. We will remove you from our Groove Child teacher register You won’t receive any further access to the membership site, updates or bonus exercises, and will no longer be legally permitted to offer Groove Child classes or use the music/exercises beyond Level One, as per the signed agreement. You would need to retake the Level Two training if you wanted to offer Groove Child classes in the future, at any point.