...a syllabus that allows you to reward their individuality, raise their self-esteem, and offer them many paths to success through dance.

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Groove child Syllabi BREAKDOWN



3-5 yrs


5-7 yrs


7-9 yrs

The JUNIOR syllabus works to enhance children’s understanding of musicality, rhythm, character and emotion, nurturing their confidence to express themselves from young age.



10-12 yrs


13-15 yrs

The INTERMEDIATE syllabus builds on the junior levels, encouraging self-expression through dance, adaptability to music and style, and building improvisation and choreography skills.



16-18 yrs

Due to launch end of 2019 the SENIOR syllabus reflects the growing maturity of the teens we teach, developing their confidence and versatility as future performers, choreographers & dance leaders.

There is no obligation for licensees to offer all THREE syllabi or take all THREE syllabi courses. It’s completely down to personal preference whether you choose to only offer the Junior levels at your school, the Junior & Intermediate, or Junior/Intermediate/Senior, we just ask that all teachers begin with the Junior Syllabus before progressing to ensure the ethos and progressions are fully understood.  

HOW you can implement
Groove Child at your
dance school


Add Groove Child® syllabus classes to your weekly timetable

Enticing new students to your school AND offering your current students more classes and more chance to develop their skills, whilst increasing your weekly studio income. This option allows you to go deep with the syllabus work and nurture a healthy mindset that feeds into everything else they do.


Incorporate Groove Child® exercises into your already existing weekly lessons

Add variety to your current sessions, and as a way to work on expression and ‘performance’ specifically in that style for a nugget of time within that session.

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Shelley Lawlor
RAD Dance Teacher/School Owner

Groove Child really does fulfil it’s promise to appeal to both the recreational and advanced dance students. For the ‘one class a week’ child it boosts confidence, self-awareness and promotes friendship. For the child wanting to work towards exams and performances it encourages a deeper awareness of how they express and communicate emotion when they perform.

Fiona Palmer
ISTD Teacher & Dance School Owner

"I love the freedom of movement Groove Child allows, and it's work on developing expression and emotion..."

Successful ways licensees have incorporated Groove Child into their teaching

Incorporate PURPLE into your Pre-Primary and Primary Ballet to add variety and creativity.

Include the ‘emotion-based’ exercises within your ballet and modern classes, to help draw out more performance in their overall delivery.

Add one of the directed improvisations or choreography exercises to a street or contemporary dance class, to help build their confidence to improvise AND create.

Use Groove Child as part of your recruitment strategy for NEW students - a great way to introduce shy/nervous children to dance.

BOYS Classes - use the Groove Child syllabus within  your boys only sessions; a perfect ‘go to’ for boys work alongside their technique development.

Special Needs Students - if you offer any classes for additional needs Groove Child provides lots of exercises and inspiration
for this.

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