Terms And Conditions

Groove Child Membership
Code of Integrity for Teachers

- I have a dance teaching qualification, a dance / performing arts degree, OR a long term and established teaching practice
- I have experience teaching young children age 3 upwards
- I take a multi-faceted view of my role as a dance teacher
- I value a child’s personal development, mental health and creative expression through dance
- I am conscious of the positive impact I can have on the mindset and mental wellbeing of my students
- Groove Child resonates with me and my preferred teaching ethos
- I plan to use Groove Child to extend my current class timetable, set up as new classes, or integrate into my existing classes
- I hope to use Groove Child to reward my students for their growth and individuality
- I value my own personal development as a teacher and as an individual
- Part of my personal teaching aim is to enrich a child's WHOLE learning experience through dance, and I believe Groove Child can help me do this!

Terms & Conditions

Our Responsibilities as the Licence Provider
Groove Child will provide me with access to all up to date syllabus music, videos, inline with the levels I have purchased and keep me aware of any changes or updates via the members area or via email.
We will offer any advice on exercise delivery if requested.
Groove Child will help promote your licensee status and Groove Child classes via their website by listing up to date members on the licensee listing page, and from time to time on their social media channels.
Groove Child is a trademark and the syllabus exercises and music are copy written, and have not been copied from anywhere else.
Groove Child will not give any licensee exclusive ownership over any geographical area or location, but will expect individual licensees to use their integrity and ‘play fair’ with other teachers by not setting up classes in a venue where another licensee already runs Groove Child classes.
We will not share your confidential details with anyone else, other than our bank and platform providers for the purpose of your membership and annual direct debit.
If for any reason we terminate this agreement and membership we will give you one months notice and any relevant refund of days outstanding for that year’s membership.

Your Responsibilities as a Licensee
I understand my Groove Child syllabus licence is for me only, as an individual, and no other teacher / sub-contractor / employee is covered under this licence agreement or permitted to use the copyrighted music and materials unless they are also a licensee.
I understand the agreement and direct debit / payment responsibility and all correspondence is with me and I put no one else in charge of my membership.
I will only use the Groove Child music and exercises within classes and Groove Graduations within my class settings, and will not use them for general public performances.
I agree to only use the correct logo and branded materials to promote my Groove Child classes or affiliation with Groove Child.
I agree to use the syllabus exercises as intended and not change the exercises or any set choreography substantially.
I understand and agree that Groove Child is not liable for accidents or incidents that happen through your delivery of a Groove Child class.
I agree to always keep your PLI insurance up to date when teaching Groove Child as well as my Enhanced DBS check and Health & Safety policy, and that I will always have a qualified first aider present.
I agree to keep my membership up to date via annual direct debit and give written notice to Groove Child a minimum of one month prior to any cancellation if I wish to cease teaching Groove Child.
I understand there are no refunds for annual membership and cancellation requires one months notice prior to my renewal date.I agree to inform Groove Child of any complaints I receive with regards to Groove Child content or a Groove Child class I deliver. I will to professionally sort out any dispute regarding GC or anything im unhappy with over email and not social media.
I understand the initial syllabus and music registration fee and annual licence / membership fee is non-refundable, but that I can cancel at any point, at least one month prior to my next renewal date.

In purchasing Level One or any further Groove Child syllabus materials, products or workshops you agree to all  the above.